One Summer Day...

Hi! I'm Lily G. Summers and welcome to my blog! I blog everything and anything that interest me and that I believe are funny! I love playing videogames, but I'm also a huge fan of art, anime, cosplay, literature, and more! :]
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The Urge…

I have the utmost urge to watch Code Geass again… ;-; But I have to study! Ugh… ksdfj;aljnv Why, school, why? :<


D.Grayman Crossplay

Yuu Kanda by Nakoto

I’ve always wanted to cosplay as Kanda from D. Grayman! >3< This one is so awesome and I’m simply amazed! <3 Nakoto did this cosplay justice! (: 

Train of Afterlife


Train of Afterlife, a mystery, psychological, horror Visual Novel has been released. Please try the demo:

P.S: Reblog this to get a chance to win a copy for free! (Until 23 January 2012 - 3 winners will be randomly chosen. In case for those who already bought, you can get a free coupon for our future games! :D)

Oh cool! The new champion for League of Legends! Her name is Sejuanji, the Winter’s Wrath! I’m new to LoL and I probably might try her out when she’s free. @.@ Haha, she looks wicked~

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